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Boasting rich Mayan heritage, the longest living Barrier Reef, spectacular pristine blue waters for snorkeling and diving, lush vegetation, and breathtaking cave systems including the world renowned Actun Tunichil Muknal ‘ATM”…

Explore the mystery of ancient Maya cities or hike through nature trails discovering rich flora and fauna…

Fly through the rainforest canopy with an exhilarating jungle zipline or explore underground cave systems…

Indulge in authentic local dishes that reflect rich cultural traditions and the warmest and friendliest English speaking locals…

Combined with a handful of unique and luxurious resorts that will leave you in awe…

Bon voyage! It’s Belize where the options are endless.


Ready to visit Belize? Let us help you plan!

About Us

Our Mission

BeliSaya aims to provide clients with first class service through luxurious travel experiences, curated itineraries and forethought planning while creating lifetime memories and establishing long lasting relationships.


To become clients number one choice in event planning and travel arrangements to Belize by continuously delivering service excellence, embracing innovation and creativity, and acting on feedback to meet clients needs.

Core Values

We pride ourselves by following our core values in everything we do.

Service Oriented

We are committed to offering memorable experiences through impeccable and result-driven service, dedication and remaining agile to new demands and opportunities.


We will interact transparently, amicably and professionally to strengthen the company’s image, service delivery and interpersonal relationships.

Community & Environment

We commit socially, culturally and educationally to the community and adapt our business strategies to the preservation and education of the environment.


We have built a team of passionate and knowledgeable professionals who collaborate together, share ideas and unify talents for optimizing service delivery to our clientele.

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